Heart Shaped Box

Kari.//California// suup ~(^~^)~

Fuck this, fuck you, ughhh....fuck life t(._.t)


And here we have New York Times Bestselling Author, John Green. 

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What do the signs mean when they say "Lets Drink" →


Aries- I’m fucking bored and I think this may be the only cure for your shitty personality.

Taurus- I’m just trying to relax here. I earned this. If you try to talk me out of it, I will get mad.

Gemini- You say funny things when you’re drunk. Funny you is my favorite type of you. I might…


have you ever just cried because you’re you

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Anonymous asked: did you get a tattoo?!



Yes I did! I’ll be posting a picture later! 



*blows kiss down to the ground (for the skeletons)*


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…I was not myself for weeks yet nobody noticed.
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